If you happened to have behaviors or attitudes that do not know how to explain, and that bother you or is there a common thread among the members of your family, grandparents, great grandparents and beyond, which limited and there still limits you, you know that it is possible to dissolve all of this?

The new quantum DNA studies say, as indeed they already knew the ancients, that besides the color of eyes and hair, and biological characters, also transmit all information on trauma, positive and negative emotions, fears, feelings of all ancestors.

This wealth of information as well as genetic is what makes us who we are and of course we have the power, as well as the duty to disband when it harms us rather than help us feel good and evolve. What is interesting is that through regressive hypnosis you can understand and go to melt even the traumas experienced by our ancestors or descendants, children and grandchildren, if these were inherited as information.

It is of Epigenetic Transgenerational studies. Personally several years ago, before even Gregg Braden and Bruce Lipton and a large regressive hypnosis, my teacher Brian Weiss and many others were speaking, I had received an intuition about the need to erase the negative memories and limiting through a deep work

Theta state in which I called Mind & Spiritual Transformation I perform under hypnosis as a first step in a precise path of Coaching for the rapid transformation.

Now not only possible but it is also our duty to ourselves and our families old limits cliffs, trauma and blocks to afford a life of love, peace and abundance that the universe provides us, really wanting.

By Marina Ferrara