The rational mind is the conscious and objective mind.
It is necessary for us to think, reason, analyze, select, infer and draw conclusions, give orders, make decisions and imagine.

The subconscious mind is the subjective mind, impersonal non-analytical.
His job is to take orders from the conscious mind through rational thought.
All that is accepted by the conscious mind as true, it is also accepted by the subconscious mind which is all ways to make it happen.
The moment something is recorded in the subconscious, the latter will activate every possible way to make it happen in the material reality.

The subconscious determines the construction of the body and controls all vital functions.

These are the characteristics of the subconscious mind:

  • And ‘easily suggestible.
You can always control the subconscious mind with the power of suggestion.
  • It ‘literal.
It is prepared to accept as true the thoughts, ideas and statements that the conscious mind transmits, without giving any interpretation or translation.
  • ‘Unable to analyze. Accept as true any statement or command and is activated and acts accordingly, without worrying about whether it’s something illogical, negative or harmful.
  • You no sense of humor.
It is not able to recognize serious question from a joke.
Opera innocently and takes everything seriously.
  • The Subconscious mind oversees more than 70{043d45ff6a487ef464b7ae6946bdc1eed2ddacc94a0167a41ebdfb956114f960} of our thoughts and our actions and therefore of our life.
  • The subconscious mind can be reprogrammed.
Reprogramming is the set of suggestions, or verbal or sensory messages that we send to the subconscious through suggestions or images in order to produce the desired changes.

Each of us has acquired a way of thinking and doing that has been determined by the messages absorbed from their environment.
All that you’ve been told or done all his life, has been stored in your subconscious mind.
These messages influence behavior, the way of thinking and way of doing things.

The mind is affected by many messages that come from family, friends, teachers, neighbors, television, music, radio, newspaper, loved ones, colleagues, strangers, advertising, internet, newspapers, pictures.

Messages and ideas are everywhere.
A photo is a tip, advertising is full of suggestions.
The mind is constantly bombarded with suggestions …
It is clear that those who have received suggestions, or “tips” from their positive and stimulating environment since childhood has great advantages compared to those who received “suggestions” negative and disempowering.

However, no situation is forever.
You can make new suggestions to your mind, you can choose what to suggest to build new neural connections and thus new sensations, emotions and reality.
The suggestions may include any type of argument.

It ‘important to give new positive suggestions to the subconscious because otherwise will continue to use what is stored or even worse, that collects on the right and left.
The best condition to pass new tips or suggestions to the subconscious mind, which is activated so to find and attract all situations to be able to realize, is that in which our brain is in the state more receptive.

That is when the conscious or rational mind is calmed and does not feel called upon to analyze or make decisions, so when we put our physical body in a state of total relaxation, for example, before falling asleep or just wake up, when you relax tired in front of the TV, while listening to a news full of negative news and maybe you’re even eating at the same time, then you are associating a typical moment of pleasure.
When you listen to music or you are emotionally involved with someone or something.

In this condition the brain slows the waves and … zac and ” them that the new suggestion comes and replaces or is associated with the previous one.
This is the condition of the brain of children up to 7 years, in them the rational mind, is active in small part, in fact, they know relax and live in the moment without worrying about other things, and that’s why children absorb their parents’ suggestions or other and create their mental programs according to these.

This is hypnosis, the TV at the time of relaxation is hypnosis, advertising and the bombardment of images as you ride to work or you are in a hurry and your conscious mind does not analyze, it is hypnosis, when you abandon yourself to the usual tired limiting thoughts, you’re hypnotizing.
And these suggestions come quickly and effectively to your mind and are able to make you change old habits.

This can however be done intentionally for your own good, for over-write new useful and productive programs for you, on the old subconscious programs, maybe even yours, maybe the ones who raised you.

This is the hypnosis that helps you to change faster than any other technique old subconscious programs and then create a new reality!

This is the hypnosis that is also used to enhance the performance of athletes, to provide security and lose weight, to return the person to the condition of non-smoker, to help give birth without or with minimal pain, to build new thoughts that allow to attract new realities and positive events in your life.

This is the basis of each technique of reprogramming Quick and even meditation, which is none other than self produce a state in which the brain lowers its waves, off the thoughts and the rational mind by activating mainly the right hemisphere of the brain, what connected to creativity, intuition, consciousness connection and the higher mind or universal.

The only difference is that hypnosis and ‘used with a specific goal and is much quicker in bringing the levels of deep relaxation compared to meditation.
Such as meditation, hypnosis can be used, as in the manner in which the use personally, to expand the level of consciousness and awareness, not just limiting it to the mental, but also involving the spiritual and subtler planes.

By Marina Ferrara